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LENCO’s History

LENCO’s History

Lenco Apparel and Lenco Sport N.Z. Limited were established in 1975 and soon became one of the fastest growing apparel companies in New Zealand. From the traditional base of building international quality Rugby and Rugby League products, the company then expanded its range into most areas of sporting apparel for sports clubs, schools and a wide range of quality corporate clothing and accessories. At the time, Lenco had the latest technology design programs, and CAD CAM systems and skilled workforce that placed the company at the leading edge of quality custom made products.

Around 2000-02, Lenco had also started exporting its range of New Zealand made Action Apparel to Australia, The United States of America, The Pacific Islands and Japan. By 2008, Lenco had become one of the largest manufacturers, importers and distributors of uniform apparel, sporting & casual wear in New Zealand. At that time, Lenco was the only approved manufacturer of Puma apparel in New Zealand.

By 2012, the commitment to producing quality apparel and our extensive industry experience, along with Puma, Lenco was also accredited to manufacturer for Nike, producing apparel for the Olympic Games and also for the NZ Warriors. At the time, Lenco was also suppling apparel for high profile licensing programs such as the NZ Cricket Supporters gear, NRL, NPC and the ANZ Netball Championship. Over the next few years, the licensing arrangements came to an end. With increasing labour costs and difficulty in finding skilled resources in New Zealand, to keep up with the market demand and willingness to accept uniforms that are made overseas, Lenco moved the manufacturing to Fiji and China, same as all other uniform manufacturers who are servicing the NZ market.

On another front, Freedom2play was established in 2012 to offer quality sports gear and clothing. What prompted one of current Directors at Lenco to start a sports gear and clothing business was to address the limited choice of cricket and hockey retailers coupled with prices that, in our opinion, was not offering value for money especially for the grassroots. Over the next 10 years, Freedom2play secured exclusive and preferential retailer status with internationally recognised and top-quality sports brands like MRF Cricket, Mercian Hockey and Tyka Sports Clothing. 

By 2022, Freedom2play established itself as a retailer of choice for many individuals, schools and clubs. Addition of Select Sports football, handball and futsal range was another feather in the cap which helped Freedom2play further grow it’s market share across New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. The same year we also added Kookaburra Cricket and Hockey to our range to ensure we have a wide range of products and accessories to offer.

In mid 2022, Freedom2play acquired the Lenco School Uniform and Sports apparel portfolio and merged the two businesses to offer a “one stop shop” for schools, clubs and individuals. The combined entity is now trading as LENCO offering a comprehensive range of products and services for all customers. As a New Zealand owned and operated company, Lenco is passionate about delivering distinctive school uniforms and top- tier sports gear. 

Our mission is to empower individuals, schools, and athletes to look good, feel better, and perform at their best. 

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