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At Lenco, we understand the importance of high-quality school uniforms for students across New Zealand. Our uniforms are designed to ensure that students feel comfortable and confident throughout their academic journey. Whether you're in Auckland or Tauranga, our range of schoolwear caters to the unique needs of every learner, setting a standard for excellence in school uniforms.

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Lenco stands out as the premier school uniform supplier in NZ, committed to offering uniforms that blend style with functionality. Our school uniforms are not only affordable but also made with durable materials to withstand the daily activities of energetic students. We take pride in providing uniforms that enhance the academic spirit and foster a sense of belonging among students.

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Lenco goes beyond standard solutions. We offer custom-designed uniforms, catering to the unique requirements and branding needs of schools across NZ, including those in Auckland and Tauranga.

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Experience the ease of purchasing school uniforms online with Lenco's user-friendly platform. We provide a secure and seamless shopping experience, ensuring that your schoolwear is just a few clicks away.


Lenco have been our uniform provider for over 15 years, and in that time, I cannot remember one parental concern about the quality of the product or service provided at their store.  Our uniform is quite different across our Preschool, Primary, and College, and Lenco and their team have been able catering for these variations, I have no reservation at all to recommend Lenco to other schools

Nathan Villars - Campus Principal - ACG Sunderland Chair of the Association of Cambridge Schools in NZ

Excellent service and products. We use Lenco for our school uniform needs, both main uniform, and sports uniform. Very happy with this company. 

Nic, School Secretary, Brookby School

Lenco Freedom2play have been a tremendous support to South Auckland Rangers FC and are now a trusted supplier of our uniforms and equipment due to assisting with a tailored online portal supporting an ease of ordering and delivery, designing our home and away kits capability, supporting the club with premium Select Footballs, gift vouchers during raffles and assistance with urgent orders. We have never had service like this from any other provider and we highly recommend Pushkar and his team. 

Kevin M, Head of Risk & Governance South Auckland Rangers Football Club

School uniform buying is a painful reality of most parents! I had awesome customer service today requiring measurements via email before I purchase. Not only was my request tended to immediately, a comprehensive chart was sent and made my experience much less stressful. Thanks so much for making my painful reality much easier!

Sara R, Auckland

My son's travelled to South Island yesterday morning to represent his school team, for the cricket tour. He has had a very good season with the bat that he purchased at Freedom2play. He has been very happy with the results and has had a ball of a time using it... wanted to pass you the feedback. Thanks again for some awesome inputs in helping him select the right bat.

Jeet W, Auckland

Terrific service and great value. Comms were quick and personable. Ordered other gear from other stores at the same time but these guys were by far the best.

Jase D, Auckland

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FAQs About School Uniforms

Why should students wear uniforms to school?

School uniforms create an environment of equality, reduce distractions, and promote a sense of belonging and school pride.

Do schools in New Zealand have uniforms?

Yes, most schools in New Zealand have uniforms, which are considered an essential part of the school culture.

What is the average cost for school uniforms in New Zealand?

The average cost varies, but Lenco ensures affordability without compromising on quality.

Why are school uniforms so expensive?

Quality materials and the need for durability often contribute to the cost, but at Lenco, we strive to make school uniforms more accessible.

What is a standard school uniform?

A standard school uniform typically includes a shirt, trousers or skirt, blazer, and tie, often customized to each school's colors and emblem.

How should you wear a school uniform?

A school uniform should be worn neatly, reflecting the school's values and standards.

How many schools in NZ wear uniforms?

A significant number of schools in NZ have uniforms, with each institution setting its own uniform policies.