The Honey Badger is revered in the Animal Kingdom as a one tough MoFo who will take on bigger, faster opponents, and beat them at their own game.

We have taken this inspiration, and transferred it to a range of bats to suit the rigors of Club, First Class and International use.

We felt it was a necessity to provide the market with bats of unsurpassed quality, at affordable prices. The current bat market is flooded by cheap, break easy bats, which leave the user unfulfilled, and ultimately, out of pocket.

Our top end bats Fearless and Ratel, are handmade by a master craftsman, with best-selected clefts from the world’s leading willow supplier.

As a start-up, Honey Badger is up against the big names in cricket. However, we don’t see that as a problem, our bats are the equal (if not better) than anything available on the market.

A bold statement? Maybe, you be the judge.

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