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Hockey Risingstar Starter kit


We cut no corners, always offering Quality Gear for Affordable Prices!

Give the Risingstar the best starter kit available in the market.

A full set comprising of 1 each wooden stick, ball, shin pads, mouth guard with cover and a kit bag to carry it all. 

Purchase of the Risingstar starter kit offers a $20 discount guarantee when you come back to us to buy a new stick from our store for friends and family. Discount back guarantee is valid for 2 years from date of purchase.

$20 discount offer can not be combined with any other deal and 1 offer per purchase.

Starter kit includes 1 stick only. Stick Design and Colours may slightly vary from images used in the product image. We reserve the right to send the stock available in store. It will be a mix of either JDH or Kookaburra stick, shinpads and bag, Kookaburra ball, Kookaburra or Mercian mouthguard.