Hybrid PRO Wrist guard sweat band


Mercian are delighted to have teamed up with D30 and sport technology company TeamTek to bring to market these protective wristbands for cricket batters,  hockey field playesr and Goal keepers. The simple HYBRID unit features a 5mm D3O protective plate encased in a simple cotton sweatband. The PRO unit has the same D3O protection with an additional plastic plate.

Introducing our new model, Mercian Hybrid PRO sweatband.

The D3O and plastic plate come within the wristband and are not exposed as shown. Picture is entirely illustrative.

D3O states on it's website "the world's best impact protection for ..." It is used in protective items in sport, defence, industry, electronics and motor racing, taking advantage of it's incredible energy absorbing characteristics.

Cricket batters can wear this compact but highly protective arm wrist band with the protection facing the front on the top arm that holds the bat.

Field hockey players we would recommend wearing the sweatbands with the protection on the back of the left wrist and the front of the right wrist, this gives the best protection given normal playing characteristics.

With the PRO items for goal keepers we would recommend wearing the protection on the front of both wrists. The PRO sweatbands are perfect for keepers who like to wear limited arm protection but recognise that even with the fastest reactions a ball sometimes misses the bottom of the glove and impacts the wrist. The 'bands also reduce the moisture / sweat running down the arms and into the gloves themselves.