Knocking In with oiling and facing

Type: Repairs

The knocking process starts with the edges and toe of the bat we do this by hand using a wooden mallet as these are the weakest and most vulnerable areas of the bat. It then moves on to our knocking in machine. Which does all that a human can do but better as it has complete control of each strike with placement and power. It works its way slowly up and down the blade when the edges and toe areas are knocked in and increase the knocking power as the middle portion gets knocked in. Once this is done, the bat is ready to be used in a net session. 

Depending on the size of the bat, we use 10,000 to 20,000 knocks.

Please Note: We do offer knocking in service for 3rd party brands or bats purchased from other stores but we can not offer a warranty on the service on the knocking in service.

Allow at least 5 working days for the knocking in process to be completed as we oil all the bats before and that needs time to dry and after knocking we apply an anti scruff facing too.