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Kookaburra Speedarm Shortie


Kookaburra's Speed Arm is a revolutionary training tool used for cricket and fielding practice. It is an extended arm that generates raw pace, swinging and seaming deliveries in a controlled manner. The trajectory produced by the SpeedArm is natural to aid the batsman in picking up the ball easily from unnatural height. The finger like gripping and short handle with goose neck design ensures accuracy even for a first timer unlike other tools with large handles.

  • Patented Practice Tool that can be used by both professional and junior cricketers
  • Aids in generating speeds of up to 120 kms and leverages human effort
  • Sighting of the ball is made easier because of its shorter length
  • Shoulder friendly hand held tool for coaches and parents
  • Used in 30ft of space for knocking practice
  • Ideally suited to U-16 players and women cricketers
  • Not compatible for tennis balls as its designed for cricket practice