Mercian Elite Kickers & Legguards Set Senior International

by mercian

A kicker and legguard set of International Level (Lvl 5) goalkeeping foam. As used by Tyler Lovell (Australia) and George Pinner (England).

Legguards, Kickers made from multiple layers of lightweight, high and medium density foams to maximise protection and rebound.

Kickers -

24mm of high density foam with 50mm of shaped inner foam provide a massive amount of protection and incredible rebound for blocking and clear saving.

An improved inner shape, with incorporated toe protection gives a better fit and technically developed protection areas. The new fully-adjustable combination strapping system in conjunction with the kickers flat front profile, with inner and outer strapping ensures that the harness cannot slip off the kicker.


Legguards -

New, improved outer shape for sliding and smothering and reduced weight, now up to 18% lighter than competing brands! A brilliant combination of protection, rebound and weight. The modern goalkeeper is no longer just a shot-stopper; game speed and regulations (such as the new Penalty shoot-out) mean they have to be mobile, agile and tactically aware.

The Evolution Range legguards enhance this mobility. Being up to 18% lighter than other leading brands, but with the same protection and rebound characteristics, they aid any keepers desire to perform at the highest level.