by mrf
Type: Bat

An addition to our stand out and best seller Grand Edition bat. Chase Master is a bat picked for Virat Kohli and lucky to be in your hands, when you get it!

Made as per the exact specifications in terms of profile used by Virat Kohli so it has a mid middle and an exaggerated hump in the sweet spot putting all the power in the middle of the bat and the flat toe giving the bat an exceptional pick up. The pick up and feel of the Chase Master and the performance matches a test grade bat.

Carefully selected and expertly hand crafted from Players Grade English willow - that's the top 5% of the reserve clefts

  • Construction: Built with Premium reserve Players grade English Willow
  • Profile: Optimum balance with exceptional stroke. An imposing beautifully balanced full profile with a traditional style spine for all over blade performance maximising explosive power and enhancing pick up for the ultimate batting experience
  • Edge: Massive edges 38- 40 mm with full profile
  • Bow: Subcontinent Style bow.
  • Sweet spot: Low-Middle widest sweet spot for All round stroke play 
  • Handle: Semi-oval handle made out of multi piece imported cane which delivers optimal combination of power, control and flexibility
  • Pick-up: Lightweight pick-up & ultimate balance
  • Toe: Squared toe
Comes with a bat cover.