Remfry Thigh Guard - Outer

by Remfry

Thigh guard is an essential piece of protective equipment. Remfry thigh guards were the first to move from the traditional square/rectangle shape to not only cover the thigh area, but also the side of the leg going down to the knee.

Now a days a vast majority of professional and high level cricketers also bat with the inner thigh guard. This protects the player from an inside or bottom edge, a swinging or cutting delivery or one that keeps low can easily give the back thigh a stinging blow.

Getting the right sized guard is important for both comfort and protection. The  sizing recommendations we provide below are for guidelines only. 

Outer Thigh guards -

  1. Small Thigh - 36cm (14") - recommended if your height is less than 170cm or 5' 7"

  2. Standard / Medium Thigh - 41cm (16") -  recommended if your height is 170cm - 185cm or 6' 1"

  3. Large Thigh - 45cm (18") - recommended if you are taller than 185cm


Please select the matching inner thigh pad separately. 

Inner Thigh guards -

  1. Small inner thigh - 24cm (9 1/2")

  2. Standard / Medium inner thigh - 27cm (10 1/2")


  • We work by the longest length of the protective foam inside the guard for our sizing

  • There will be around one centimetre of towelling and leather overhang around the perimeter that will increase the overall length of the guard