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Roboarm Single Cup Black


The Robo Arm single cup is designed and tested to allow cricketers the best practice available. The Ergonomic grip allows for accurate bowling, allowing one person to provide a batsman with quick and precise deliveries with little effort . A great tool for players wanting to test their reaction time and for parents who’s throwing and bowling days are behind them!

Speeds vary from 60km/h to 160 km/h to suit all age groups.

  • Patented Practice Tool that can be used by both professional and junior cricketers
  • Aids in generating speeds of up to 160kms and leverages human effort
  • Sighting of the ball is made easier because of its shorter length
  • Shoulder friendly hand held tool for coaches and parents
  • 9 throwing length options to vary the speed and throw different types of balls
  • Suitable for most of the cricket and hockey ball sizes and weights

Available in Black colour.