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Toe Guard

Type: Repairs
Repair Option

A toe guard is designed to protect the toe of a cricket bat from wear and tear and to prevent the toe from soaking up moisture.

We offer two types of toe guard – 

Rubber Toe Guard - The traditional toe guard adds a thick layer of protection between the toe and surface. It's great for preventing excess moisture and damage from crease tapping and sliding your bat.

Delux Guard - rubber toe guards do come off and wear easily and may need re doing them over the season. We offer a special Compound Glue toe guard that acts as a thin barrier on the toe and toe edges. It acts as a moisture barrier and helps to prevent cracks from crease tapping & mistimed shots. It is also considerably lighter than the rubber toe guard and does prevent the toe edges too. Lasts a lot longer than a rubber toe guard. A great value for money and peace of mind.